It is time

Moment defines as a force acting upon an object causing a moment. The bigger the force, the greater the moment.

Momentum is a moving force that overcomes resistance.

What is your delay?

Why are you still here?

Why are you not moving?

Each moment should cause some type of movement.

For this I want to use David and what it took for him to face Goliath when all said he couldn’t and shouldn’t   1 Samuel 17:29-40


Moment---- answered prayers

Moment---- prophesy fulfilled

Moment---- revelation


Moment----open door, opportunity

For moments to go to momentum you must move. You must grab a hold to your faith and promise and move towards your personal promise. To move, there must be personal energy involved.  Trust your moments and move towards your promise—not your intellect, but God's promise.

The mind must break the chains around your faith. Those chains are fear and apprehension. These two are the delayers of destiny. You must move regardless of what you see, hear, feel or what others are saying about you.

You must have confidence in who you are in Christ, for this will lead to momentum!

For your moments lead to momentum!

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