Serve With Us

Together we can. Meet the Tab staff.

Serve With Us

Together we can. Meet the Tab staff.

Bishop Jason Nelson

Senior Pastor

Bishop Jason Nelson pastors The Tab, a thriving ministry in Windsor Mill, Maryland. Bishop Nelson is also the Presiding Prelate of KIF (Kingdom Impact Fellowship) launched in 2016. Called to preach at the age of 17, Jason is passionate about the Word of GOD and loving His people. A sought after voice in the Kingdom, Jason Nelson ministers in both song and the preached word of GOD. He is one of the most recognized voices in gospel music, a Stellar Award winner and is considered to possess a rare gift in the Body of Christ as he releases the power of the presence of GOD.

Bishop Jason has worked in ministry for more than 20 years and his desire is to restore worship to its rightful place in the body of Christ. Bishop Nelson teaches the Word of GOD with remarkable simplicity, conviction and prophetic authority as he empowers others with practical principles for abundant living. Bishop Nelson encourages the hearer to move from just attending church to becoming a living sanctuary and establishing the Kingdom of GOD on earth. Bishop Jason considers one of his greatest accomplishments to be his family, wife Tonya, and children Jaelyn Paris, and Jason Christopher.

Pastoral Staff

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Lady Tonya Nelson

Co-Pastor/Creative Pastor

Charles Fleming III

Discipleship Pastor

Ro Burnett

Marriage and Family Pastor

Tiana Burnett

Marriage and Family Pastor

Denise Davis

Engagement Pastor

Administrative Staff

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Twi Jackson

Chief of Staff

Pat Durphy

Chief Financial Officer

Shawn Cherry

Facilities Superintendent

Ministry Leads and Ministerial Staff

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Lady Tonya Nelson

Women's Lead

Troy Harris

Men's Lead

Ro and Tiana Burnett

Marriage Leads

Percy Jones

Diaconate Chairman

Jocelyn Grogan-Jones

Director of Ministerial Affairs

Niesha Bertrand

Youth and Young Adults Lead

team Leads

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Tavon Myers

Security Lead

Malaika Turner

Service Coordination Lead

Joy Lucas

Worship Team Lead